Gaustech is a company focusing on SDR prototyping system development, providing RF front-end and antenna customization development services around the NI SDR platform, such as up/down converter, phased-array antennas, RIS, array antennas, etc. Gaustech also provides a full set of system-level solutions based on the above hardware, including ISAC, RIS, Channel Sounding and so on.

Hybrid Beam forming

The UME-28TR64DP128 is Gaustech's latest release of a 4-channel 28 GHz AESA, which can generate 4 beams simultaneously and realize hybrid beam forming with 4 IF channels.

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ISAC at C band

The UME-06TR144 is an active phased antenna that operates in the 5GHz-6GHz band, providing the best in class performance whose EIRP is up to 74dBm@P1dB. It is an ideal phased array antenna for ISAC applications.

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MIMO Channel Sounding

GSR-SW108x8 is an octa 1×8 RF Switch Modules, designed for MIMO measurement application such as MIMO channel sounding.

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Supporting a variety of development environments on an expansive portfolio of high-performance RF hardware.

Gaustech specializes in the sales and system integration of Software Defined Radio Device, data acquisition systems, and universal testing platforms. Learn more about us