Gaustech specializes in the sales and system integration of Software Defined Radio Device, data acquisition systems, and universal testing platforms. Gaustech has the ability to independently develop antennas and RF subsystems, seamlessly integrating with communication testing equipment from various manufacturers, and providing customers with full link communication system solutions.

Gaustech has excellent R&D facilities and experienced developers, with core R&D personnel holding master’s and doctoral degrees from 985 universities and more than ten years of industry experience. Gaosi has its own microwave darkroom, medium and high frequency testing instruments, and micro assembly workshop, providing material guarantee for efficient and high-quality delivery.

Gaustech has delivered complete MassiveMIMO and millimeter wave phased array solutions to multiple universities, research institutes, and enterprises worldwide, covering multiple industry applications such as 5G communication, satellite communication, remote control and telemetry, and phased array radar.