GSR-ISAC is a software designed for Tx waveform and Rx algorithm verification both for sensing and communications. GSR-ISAC is based on LabVIEW and supports NI USRP-294x, USRP-295x and USRP-2974. By using GSR-ISAC, users can easily transmit Matlab-generated waveforms onto the air through the Tx ports of USRP, receive them through the Rx ports of USRP, and then solve the waveforms in real-time. GSR-ISAC also supports saving the IQ data acquried at the Rx ports to a local .TDMS file for offline analysis, and Gaustech provides Matlab .m scripts to read the TDMS file saved by GSR-ISAC. GSR-ISAC also supports simultaneous transmission and acquisition by multiple USRPs, which enables MIMO signal acquisition and playback as well as multi-location distributed signal transmitting and receiving.

The core research of ISAC is the design of integrated waveforms and the rapid verification of algorithms. In the traditional process of developing prototype wireless communication systems, algorithm simulation is directly used to build the prototype system, which requires a lot of algorithm transplantation and FPGA development work. If it is found that the algorithm needs to be adjusted during the prototype stage, the algorithm needs to be re ported, and the FPGA part also needs to be reworked.

Gaustech has officially released the GSR-ISAC algorithm verification platform, a prototype verification platform for sensory integration, after multiple iterations and updates. Compared to traditional processes, we have added an SDR physical verification process between simulation and prototype. The SDR verification system based on the GSR platform can achieve physical verification of Matlab algorithms without any programming required. Without increasing any workload, Matlab algorithms can be validated in real channel environments, achieving fast cross validation between SDR physical objects and algorithms. The GSR platform and USRP transmit data through reliable PCIe+DMA, ensuring data integrity and continuity.

GSR-ISAC has a built-in Matlab calling node, which seamlessly integrates the efficiency and reliability of LabVIEW with hardware, as well as the convenience of Matlab algorithm development. Waveforms can be generated and analyzed through Matlab, enabling quick validation of waveforms and algorithms.

The GSR-ISAC software is equipped with standard signal generation and corresponding signal parsing functions such as 5G-NR, OFDM, LFM, PM, etc., which can quickly achieve system construction and demonstration. At the same time, GSR-ISAC also supports reading user-defined waveform files. The observation interface of GSR-ISAC software can display I&Q data, spectrum, correlation, FFT, constellation diagram, EVM, Doppler FFT, etc. in real time.

GSR-ISAC also has real-time signal recording and playback functions, and can support 100MHz bandwidth for simultaneous transmission and reception of streaming discs. The streaming disc mode includes continuous streaming discs and trigger streaming discs. Through Gaustech’s unique data flow control technology, precise synchronization and no missing IQ during the streaming process can be guaranteed.