GSR-AiO calls Matlab .m script through Nl LabVlEW and controls the USRPs to achieve algorithm verification on-the-air. The current released GSR-AiO ver1.0 implements SlSO (802.11ax HESU based) transmission on the air. Pictures and characters are transmitted on PSDU of 802.11 packet. In GSR-AiO th CSI is also extracted for sensing application. In furture version, video streaming will be also added into the system.

GSR-AiO supports all USRP models based on NI-USRP driver, including USRP-29xx, X410 etc. In future planed versions, GSR-AiO will also support MIMO BS and multi-UE. GSR-AiO ‘s source code will be provided for paying users for customized development.