Hardware: USRP-X410, USRP-2954, GSR-StationGSR-Sync

Software: GSR-AiO HEMU 2*2, LabVIEW 2022 Q3

Demo Description

This demo is based on Gaustech’s GSR-AiO software architecture working with NI USRP-X410 and USRP-2954 to achieve real-time data transmission of 2-antenna base station with 2-antenna UE. X410 acts as a base station transmitter to read local picture files to generate and transmit OFDM signals that comply with the 802.11ax HEMU standard. 2954 acts as a UE receiver and parses the signal to recover the code stream and pictures. This demo not only supports single-user dual-antenna mode but also two-user single-antenna mode.

Beamforming can also be implemented in this demo. The base station will transmit an NDP signal to the UE. After receiving the NDP signal, the UE will calculate and feedback the steering matrix to the transmitter. The transmitter will adjust the transmitted signal according to the steering matrix.

GSR-AiO ‘s source code will be provided for paying users. All users can modify and reconstruct based on GSR-AiO to quickly implement air interface verification of custom waveforms and algorithms. GSR-AiO will also continue to evolve, and a 4*4 MIMO version will be launched in the near future.