Hardware: USRP-2944, GSR-StationUME-28UDUME-28TR64DP128

Software: GSR-ISAC, LabVIEW 2022 Q3, NI-USRP 2022 Q4

Demo Description

This demo demonstrates how to achieve integrated communication and sensing in the millimeter wave band through basic waveforms such as OFDM+LFM.

In terms of hardware, the Tx of USRP -2944 is connected to the IF Input port of UME-28UDTR64DP128, which can achieve a transmit waveform of up to EIRP 59dBm; the Rx of USRP-2944 is connected to the IF Output port of UME-28UD to receive n258 mmWave signals.

In terms of software, GSR-ISAC implements synchronous transmission and synchronous reception of custom waveforms. At the same time, the received waveform is analyzed correctly, and the target position is measured by de-skewing the LFM signal. At the same time, the Doppler spectrum is displayed by performing 2D FFT after superimposing multiple frames of data. While detecting the target, signal transmission and analysis based on OFDM are realized.

GSR-ISAC can also realize continuous storage and playback of signals, and the storage file format is TDMS, which can be read through the Matlab script provided by Gaustech.