Hardware: USRP-2954, GSR-Station, GSR-L16UME-06TR144

Software: GSR-ISAC, LabVIEW 2022 Q3, NI-USRP 2022 Q4

Demo Description

Following the launch of its 28GHz millimetre-wave pass-through sensing solution, Gaustech has released its latest pass-through sensing prototyping system for the sub6G frequency band. The system consists of a 16-channel (scalable) all-digital receiver and multiple transmitters equipped with phased array antennas.



The 16 receiving channels in the receiver section are in phase with full phase reference, and in combination with the array antenna GSR-L16 (configured as 1*16 line array in the figure) can realise a full digital beam forming (DBF) receiver.

The transmitter part is equipped with a phased array antenna UME-06TR144, which can generate a beam with specified direction (pitch and azimuth) and power according to the control signals generated by the receiver to scan and sense the target. The maximum EIRP of the transmitter can reach 72dBm+, which greatly improves the detection range of the target.



In terms of software, the system is based on GSR-ISAC combined with Radio-in-Loop option (RIL) to realise the closed-loop processing of transmit signal → echo signal → signal processing → transmit signal. Based on GSR-ISAC’s flexible API architecture, users can quickly integrate .m code into the system for air-port verification.